About Me

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I’m Lilly the one behind Penn Sweetly and I’m about everything paper (and some things that aren’t). I’m a writer and crafter who loves to create. I want to see what a plain piece of paper can yield, what beauties can arise out of a messy collage; I want to see what inspiration can come about from scraps that others would discard or call insignificant, what pieces of soul can be found on mere sheets of broken trees and left unveiled for the world to experience.

Penn Sweetly Creations arouse from a desire I had a few years ago to try different writing and craft ideas. I’m always in the midst of a project. I just can’t not craft or write. It’s like asking me not to breathe. The name, itself, spawns from the pen name I’ve used since high school : Penninah Sweetly. The former is Hebrew meaning bitter. I chose it because life is sometimes bitter sometimes sweet. Just like me!

This is my journey to create beautiful things from the ordinary, the mundane, to inspire others.


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