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Bumps for Advent…


There are always going to be bumps in the road, I’ve recently learned, but that’s where God comes in. Many times without the bumps we really wouldn’t think we needed God. In reality, we do. We need someone so much less limited than we are to carry us when we fall… and we will all fall.

In those rare moments of depth on a show like ‘Friday Night Lights’ comes out this beautiful nugget of truth:


We seem to think that nothing bad can touch us if we go about our ordinary mundane, but being present at the wrong time, the wrong place- or just going about our life…well disaster can easily happen. And life is different because of the presence of one single moment in time, where we fell victim. Victims to circumstance, to the death of a loved one, to betrayal of our own body, to any number of things that can happen that leave us changed forever.

This isn’t being negative… it’s being realistic. Disasters happen. But enjoying the now, basking in what we have even if it is not perfect is needed, because as the saying goes ‘you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” is quite true.

However, truer yet, is “you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d lose it.” Taking things for granted leads us into danger: the danger of always looking ahead to when the road is smooth and never a pothole in sight. The reality is, it may never EVER be that way so you can’t waste your life waiting around for what may to come.

The deep voiced, smooth talker, Kyle Chandler , continues with this:


There will come a time for every one of us to face that fact that we are terminal, we have an expiration date. And sooner or later we will meet our maker. We will be unable to justify ourselves before a perfect, blemishless God. But that’s why He gave us His everything. He gave us everything in his son Jesus. But most of the time, we were too busy to remember, to see it or care. Until a moment stops us. Until something we cannot ignore crashes down on us. Those are the moments priorities align. Those are the clarity filled moments that bring all that’s hidden inner hearts to light.

And for some of us, we need to be stopped in our tracks, stopped in consuming life like it’s just water. We need to hear the clear whispers of an Almighty God, who is always there, always unchanging upholding us in our weakest and our greatest moments. We just don’t see Him most of the time because we are too busy. So let us thank God even for the trials, even for the tests. I for do.

So let us remember. Let us remember who we celebrate this Christmas season. Let us remember what really matters. Happy Advent!


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