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Stop being afraid, be kind

It’s the small things in life that can make all the difference, that can touch our souls, we just have to stop being afraid and let them unfold. Do that sweet gesture that pops into your mind. I know for me its always some of the cheapest, most simple things that mean the most to me, that I carry with me years later. It’s the fact that someone thought of me, went out of their way to make me something that carries weight, not its monetary cost, not it physical weight.


I know many times I have wanted to do something sweet for someone else. I had an idea of kindness pop into my head, but so many times I chickened out. I was afraid to be labeled weird. I was afraid I would be refused. And really…SO WHAT? So what if both of those things happened? I wouldn’t get arrested for it. I wouldn’t be attacked or run off. Maybe they’d laugh at me. Maybe they’d wave me off. SOWHAT?

And yet…FEAR. Fear stops us dead sometimes.Fear is a powerful entity, a shapeshifter of sorts that varies from place to place and person to person.

I for one am going to stop letting fear keep me from all that is meant to be mine-all that the God has for me. All that He has for me to do, to be, and to become. I will not let fear cripple me anymore. I’ve wasted too much of my life  doing that already.

Does that mean I will never be afraid of anything again? Probably not!

I am human and not infallible. I will fear the word cancer. I will fear to one day leave everyone and everything I’ve ever known behind. I will fear losing a job and being financially ruined. I will fear losing friends to decaying friendships. I will fear when a creepy guy follows me on a walk. What I will not do is let any of these things keep me from those things I love. I WILL NOT let them control my life because I am about to have a panic attack.

To be really free, to be really unafraid, means to run towards the darkness full on, run towards the fear that destroy, thus by facing it you chip away at the power it exercises over you. Little by little you have to battle that gripping fear and eventually it will be tamed. You will be free and you can experience the simple joys without feeling afraid, thus missing out.

So next time you feel afraid and are tempted to run the other way. Stop. Face it and see the beauty that can arise by living free of the clutches of fear. Look at what beauties maybe you  have already missed out on because you were afraid- and afraid of nothing really.


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