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The place where worlds collide.


Some people say that words are cheap, that they mean nothing if not backed by action and that’s true- to some extent. Words alone are not enough. But they are a powerful, invisible entity. To say that they mean nothing is to strip the victims who have suffered under their duress of dignity. Words carry the power to kill, the power to heal. They contain in them the power to live.

I recall a day in elementary school when a girl in my class named Crystal told me that I don’t know how to dress- that I don’t have style. Those words hurt. They made me feel less. So I moped all day and went home and cried. For hours. Finally my mom took me to Marshalls and a hundred dollars later I felt accomplished enough to go back out into the world and face the ‘Crystals’ of life.

In all this, I was never hit. I was never bullied. I was never threatened. I had no reason to feel the pain I did but to this day, some 20 years later I can still recall the hollow pain in my chest from that day. Words. They matter! Words are the place where worlds collide. Why? Who instigated power-filled words?

It started in the beginning… the beginning of EVERYTHING.

“In the beginning God created… He said ‘let there be’…and there was.”( Genesis chapter 1.)


God didn’t dance; he didn’t paint in blood; he didn’t sing…He spoke. His word created. We creatures of free will, created in His image, and endowed with power beyond our wildest comprehensions. We have the power to speak and be heard.

What we say matters. What we feel counts. What we make others feel with our words matters. Whether inadvertently or purposefully, we hold the place where worlds collide in our very mouths.

So use what you have carefully!

Speak hope. Speak truth. Speak life.

You matter, therefore your words matter.


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