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The Tides all Change…

The tides all change. The seasons flow one into another to culminate another year. Summer runs into the Fall. Autumn dies into Winter. Winter awakens into Spring. Spring collides into Summer and back again. Nothing seems to change in the course of our lives when we arrive at the culminations of each year, each of these cycles. In reality, however, we are different.

pexels-photo-61380   pexels-photo-174524

            We are not the same person who stood at the dawning of another cycle. We have not come into a new year completely intact. That is because we are fluid creatures, always in transition. We are not solitary beings who remain untouched, but we are fallible and subject to imperfections and changing tides. We grow. We learn. We become that which we never were but were always meant to be.

pexels-photo-7   pexels-photo-25112

I for one believe in destiny. I believe there is a “greater-ness” of who I am that I cannot imagine and the One who dictates the star’s rotations and keeps them anchored in their orbit is the One who has the destiny set before me. All I have to do is be brave and step into it. Are you brave enough?


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