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The Orchestra of Color, Liquid, and Light

I recently read this really amazing rendition of a moonlit beach experience by fellow blogger TheGhostWriter. It’s called The Dance of Salt and Glass and ascribes a moonlit beach to

“a rally between the sea salt beneath, and the ocean glass above, tangled in competition for whom attracted a brighter glow from the hovering orb of moonlight which unknowingly charmed the tides.”

It was a majestic and ethereal piece and it inspired this companion. No this is not an anti-piece campaign. It’s more of showing the other side of a coin. The marvels of a day lit beach. If you want to read the original the link is below.


Some say that the renditions of moonlight on a wide-open beach are like a dance between salt and glass, salt in the sand and water as liquid glass.

None can counterpoise the beauty of a moon lit beach. Nothing can be as mysterious and spiritually awakening as seeking the miracle of such a sight.

Yet, there is also a spectacular continence in the rage of the Sun’s face over the deep waters that sparkle and reflect its glory, and in the shadows of the Blazing Giant of the sky, there pure invisible force is made tangible wave by wave in the twinkling masses of liquid glass.

There is no color without light, hence the gradual gradient of blues exists only under the vast color spectrum concentrated in the sky’s Giant, the radiance of raw power, which is a fleeting idea under the tides. It flees with the pull and tug of the sky giants- Sun and Moon.

I for one, can’t seem to want to trade in the beauty of  warm sun infested shores for the cool moonlit one. There is too much beauty and wonder to miss.

The miracle of earth meeting the great deep, green meeting aquamarine; clear liquid force churning the grains underfoot to reveal treasures of conches and hermits alike; the blazing vastness of color-filled creatures running frantically to the rhythm of their life-their own life unattached to anyone else’s beat, to and fro in the various reefs they call home; each creature as different and unique as the next- these things all give rise to a beauty that night cannot offer. Knowledge that is lost in the darkness.

For when the dance of salt crystals and liquid glass commence that is when the vast beauties of color, of all activity ceases. Even if they never do cease, the blackness cannot reveal to us, the people of flesh and bone, the mysteries and intricacies of the aquamarine below.What we see even under the blazing giant is but a fraction of the greatness contained by the geosphere below.

It is a complex system of rhythm, an orchestra of genius proportions. One in which each and every color, every creature, every sound has a place, has a role, has a part of the song that is soundlessly sung into eternity. Every reflection, nuance, and note sings the greatness of the master who, by a wave of the wand he bears, creates all such intricacies -some that we as limited humans have not yet fathomed.



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