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Nothing Worthwhile Is Easy

Know who you are and, honestly, where you stand with God before relying on the opinions of others. Yes, other’s input can be invaluable and even essential at times. Ultimately, you are the one responsible for knowing what God is calling you to. What He has called you to should be your goal. Not other’s approval. Easier said than done, yes. (People pleaser Lilly should know). But nothing worthwhile is easy. So seek, but don’t be held back by the pin hole visions of those around you. If you are called, the way is already paved, you just have to step into it. Yes, all paranoid and fearful if you have to, just step on onto the road and be ready to be blown away by the whirlwind we call God. photo-1444062069505-351e1ed9eae7

Because He will blow you away. EVERY SINGLE TIME!



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