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Worship is my Warfare


If you know me, you know I write. If you know me, you know if there is a good song on I am singing and foot tapping.  These are two things I can’t live without. I write to pour out all of the best that’s in me. I write to give others life, to give them hope, and a slice of beauty. I write to inspire and point people heavenward to the savior who can when we can’t.

In writing, I am able give a voice to hidden glories untold, to encourage the hearts dragging on the floor of their lives ready to give up. I can tell them my story of He who is stronger who brings me to life in more ways than one, who brings me hope in the 6 foot pits of my greatest fears come true. I can give a voice to the captives that cannot, themselves, write clean their souls in the iron-clad confessions of a stylus.

I sing because it means life. I sing because I have a song in my heart that just has to come out. I worship because it is my warfare. It is how I’ve battle depression since I was 12, it is how I know there is a life and purpose beyond what I can imagine or even envision before my feet. I sing to give myself to the God who gave Himself for me.

In worship of a Holy and living God, I begin to understand that the here and now is only a blip on the radar of my life. I begin to understand that there is a greater plan for me than I ever conceived for myself. 

This is my story. This is who I am. I am His!


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