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consumed by terror


Fear consumes. That is the truth. Though Katniss Everdeen’s words are referring to being pregnant, this saying from Mockingjay hits on a deeper note than just that. They bring a deep, hidden truth to light; that is Fear consumes and it has done so since the beginning of time. This is a truth we don’t bump into day in and day out, so we don’t wrestle with it unless we dig it out of our dumpster.

Fear (not to be confused with fears, which are vast in dimension and category and vary per person) is that all consuming dread, that crippling, stomach churning, panic producing mode we often find ourselves in when faced with something we think we cannot survive. It is a dark demented creature made up of our wildest dark dreams, which we pray will never come to light. Fear is a darkness inside our soul where we cannot turn the lights on. As Barbara Brown Taylor states in her book ‘Learning to Walk in the Dark’

“Darkness is shorthand for anything that scares me- that I want

no part of- either because I am sure I do not have the resources

to survive it or because I do not want to find out”

This darkness is Fear, or at the very least it produces Fear in us. (If you think not, go into a cave, pitch black, and feel the walls start caving in). Fear is as old as human existence, but its not new. As far back as Adam and Eve at its inception, Fear has existed. It follows us around. It stalks us in the darkness, setting our teeth on edge. It drives us, steering us away from that which we dream, crave, and wish for. Fear controls us. More so in this culture and era than ever before.

It paralyzes some of us, but really it’s just a shadow. Fear does NOT actually have any power. It plays games with out minds mimicking a potential and real threat, but it can do nothing to us. It cannot touch us unless we let it. Unless we give way to its power. Only then can it control us. However, the more we give it, the more it wants. It’t time to stop giving in inch by inch, caving to its pressure. We can survive Fear and we can take our lives back too, but first we have to turn and face it and be ready to die trying in staring it down than continue on in a numbing death-like life lived under Fear’s shadow.



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