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Loved; created to be…

This was our destiny since before the beginning of time: To be loved and to love in return.


If we were created to be loved, it means we have a great capacity for love and to love. So how do we step into that role? We do it by loving others. And loving well. We are to love God and love people. All the people He has uniquely created. Not just the ones we know and like. So what is love? It’s not that fluttery feeling in your stomach. It’s not excitement in seeing that person. Sometimes, it means dread. Dreading what you have to do. Dreading to pull out your wallet for the jerk behind you at Starbucks. Or dreading the task to ask someone you don’t know if they are ok.

But, do it anyway. I live in a constant state of shy fear. I hate that about myself. I hate that I am so consumed with fear. I hate that fear dictates a lot of the decisions I make, even when i get that “God feeling” that tells me go ‘go hug them.” So many times I haven’t and yo know what? I regret it every time. Love is not limited to just our spouses, our family, our friends. We are to season the face of the earth with it. Your simple words that cost you nothing can change someone’s life. It can give those hanging on my a thread, an extra string by which to cling to life with.We are to love, to show we care for one another and others.

That is the destiny of mankind, the thing that will set us apart. The Creator loves us well. So let us step into our calling, our destiny. Let us love well too, that we may be known by the name : The Ones who Love because at the end of the day, no matter your religion, your status, your quirks, we’re really the same. Human. And we were made to love.


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