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To The People…

new-zealand-lake-mountain-landscape-37650To the people on the mountain top, living up the life, looking down over shadowed valleys, basking in your sunlight-do not belittle those in the valleys. Do not make light of their sufferings, their wanderings. Your time will come. Nothing lasts forever, not the good, nor the bad. It will all fall away to newness. Just remember that your comfort is another’s horror.

To those in the valley trenches, holding on to despair, do not give into it. Do not turn your noses up at the hilltops either. Do not gather hate in your heart for those who are joy-filled. You may be one of them someday. Walk day to day, hour to hour if you have to, putting one foot in front of the other. You will not be in despair forever. The rising  tides will wash it away.

landscape-mountains-nature-rocksTo the river people, don’t leave the smell of rotting fish on your hands. Wash it off and let the current drive it to the unknown places of earth. Let your troubles float away, too, like the mid-afternoon storms in the summertime. Don’t let the storms or the stench drive  YOU into the stream. But look up. Bask in the shadows of the trees and find rest.

To the forest people, who work hard, who toil in the wood and vines, you have plenty. Do not despair of your simpler ways. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that fulfill more than any other. Sometimes it’s the dull wood tone that’s more beautiful than a plated silver finish. You’ve earned all you have by your own hands. Stand proud of the things you’ve built. But if the calm beat drives you mad, flee. Flee to the grandness and taste if you must. Just don’t forget your way home.


To the city people- stop the wailing and whining, the whizzing by at light speeds. Stop and smell some roses, violets, or whatever is around. Stop and listen to the cedars blowing in the wind. Soak in some sun while it’s still out. Cast not low worth on those you consider less. Perhaps, one day, you will be less- less driven, less healthy, less worthy of honor. One day you may be old and frail and will know how the feeble strive in their weakness and can do no more.




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